This was created during a time of transition, growth and lots of change. I was moving on to my full time freelance career, uncertain, scared to $%#@, and excited all at the same time. I have been doing quite well, but with its expected ups and downs.

I would recommend it to everyone, to take that risk and start something one is most scared of. No success without risks, right?!



Here is the first illustration I’ll share with you. My illustrations have been evolving ever since I started to realize that as soon as my pen hit the paper, something magical was happening. There was no thinking, no pre-conceived idea of the final outcome, just allowing this creative energy to flow through me. It became a healing tool for me as my mood would shape and depict the type of strokes and weight I would commit to paper. Since I only work with ink there is no erasing, which is part of what I love about it. You have to commit and take “mistakes” as opportunities for a deeper translation, continuously reshaping and accepting whatever comes out.



I was fortunate enough Keep Reading

Took Me Long Enough

I finally surrendered and created a blog.

I’ve been freelancing full time for almost a year now and everyone kept asking me why I didn’t have a blog. The answer was always the same. ” I don’t have much to say, and there’s a gazzilion blogs out there already.” One person’s response to that resonated with me as he said “No one knows who you are, especially if you’re in the digital world, all they get is a snippet with each post and trust me in saying, it goes a long way.” So here you are, this be the first of many. Will be getting organized and incorporate certain themes to each day/week as well as show you my personal projects of which there will also be many.
Alright, turns out I do have a lot to say.

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